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Arizona Staffing

How is Arizona looking when it comes to jobs and the need for staffing support?

Arizona staffing at a glance:


Average temporary help workers each week: 71,000

Annual employment: 380,000

Average annual earnings per job: $43,000

Total annual sales: $3 billion

So, what are the benefits of using a staffing agency that your business might expect?

American Staffing Professionals recruiting firm not only helps you find the best candidates but also advises you on staffing strategies to support your Arizona company through inevitable ups and downs. By working with American Staffing Professionals, you have the opportunity to gain a long-term partner for recruiting and hiring a company that truly understands your business. That is true whether you’re looking for temporary or full-time employees. At American Staffing Professionals we can bridge the hiring gaps. We have active relationships with job seekers throughout ARIZONA. They know the right way to attract the best employees. This is something more employers need to be taking advantage of if they want to succeed in the current talent crisis.

National US Staffing Statistics:

Average temporary/contract employees each week: 3.2 million

Annual employment: 16.8 million

Average annual earnings per job: $39,700

Temporary/contract staffing sales: $138.5 billion

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