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Education Staffing 

At ASP, we onboard, screen, certify, employ, prepare, and place qualified substitute teachers. Our fully integrated time management portal helps your teachers and administrative staff work more efficiently. 


 We provide a full-service management program for K-12 school districts. We work closely with school districts to absorb the daily tasks of hiring substitute teachers. Our solutions are designed to relieve administrative burdens and day-to-day operations, we work closely with your existing staff in identifying that key profile that fits your culture and school needs. We strive in placing high quality substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff.

We develop a customized recruitment campaign specifically for your district. ASP handles payroll expenses, insurance costs and daily administrative burdens so the district has more time to focus on children's education. Additionally, we eliminate rising costs to your overall budget and decrease overall expenses by freeing up vital district resources. A relationship with ASP is a commitment to providing excellence in your schools.

At ASP we deliver ongoing energy staffing support services and productivity accessing. At ASP our top recruiting consultants will work directly with you to evaluate your current needs. Please contact a ASP consultants today.



Substitute Application 

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