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Why Should I Use a Staffing Firm?

You might wonder why companies, or your competitors choose staffing firms over internal recruiting and HR administrative staff?

Below are several reasons why, as a company, you should use a Staffing firm to help you with your recruiting, on-boarding and HR administration needs.

Proper Screening

On average, before the interview ever takes place, there are many steps that need to be completed. These steps are very time consuming for your HR staff but crucial for proper vetting. These necessary steps include verifying resumes, evaluating aptitude screening tests and verifying any references. By passing all these tasks to a staffing firm, your company does not have to pay your staff to properly verify candidates and when the time comes to hire, you can be confident that the candidate has passed the initial screening, certification processes and has been properly interviewed.


You and your staff’s time should be focused on growing your company not having to go through hundreds of resumes and spending countless hours interviewing. This process is usually rushed and all too often ends up with an employee that doesn’t perform as anticipated because they weren't properly screened. Staffing firms give time back to your most critical employees so they can complete other tasks to make the company more successful.


Using staffing firms can be considered advantageous for most companies since they do not have to spend extra money on employee recruitment and funding various processes like pre-employment testing, background screening and drug screening. Staffing firms also provide extra cost savings through payroll databases and added administration benefits. This is particularly evident through the massive increase in recruitment advertising costs. The market is not showing signs of slowing down and recruiting costs continue to rise.

According to the latest study by the Society for Human Resource Management , the average cost to hire an employee is $4,129 with around 42 days to fill a position. Some studies show it as even higher for key tech or management positions at $6,500 and 60 days.


Staffing firms have a level of experience that surpasses internal human resource departments. When it comes to recruiting, more than likely your HR staff is limited to a set amount of qualifying leads when a staffing firm will have multiple market avenues they work with daily. Staffing firms are knowledgeable with all HR issues and administrative support so that when an issue arises, it can be handled professionally and timely. All in all, a good staffing firm will deliver qualified candidates and handle HR issues in half the time it takes an internal team thus giving your company time and cost savings.


Staffing firms will have a well distributed network and are already in contact with hot leads whom they have identified as reliant, adaptable and will fit your needs. So when recruiting using a staffing firm, keep in mind that they should have the established network to fulfill your positions easily and quickly.

Turn Over

Temp or Short-term staffing allows the company the chance to learn the quality and work ethic of an employee before they are given a permanent position. This is necessary so that the company turnover can be reduced and it gives time for the employees to adjust to the company culture and the environment making sure it’s a great fit for both. A good staffing firm working with large companies can have a major impact on the area of company turnover.

Market Change

The biggest challenge for this year is that unemployment is at an all-time low. Although this is great for the market, this makes it much more challenging for companies to find qualified employees. This is where staffing firms will have an advantage. More and more candidates are going to top staffing firms to help them find that dream job where they have access to and can apply to multiple organizations with the help of a single source.

American Staffing Professionals helps to solve all of your HR issues from proper recruiting and screening to the handling of many HR administrative duties. If you feel that you need to optimize your HR administrative and hiring processes, give ASP a try. We are confident that we can provide exceptional service and relieve the time and financial stress these services take.

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